2020 Senior Living Design Trends

Senior living spaces, like the seniors who reside there, continue to evolve in 2020. To begin with, seniors are living longer than they did even a decade ago. The level of care increases and lasts for a longer time as seniors experience greater and greater acuity. The level of design will keep up with the demand for furniture that can take a beating and maintain its beautiful, like-new look.

Mid Century modern gives way to Art Deco

Both senior living design styles remain modern but the change from mid-century to art deco is contemporary style that incorporates what is popular. By definition, this style is sleek, non-traditional, finely crafted, decorative and elegant. Senior living furniture continues to turn heads with this unexpected yet on trend design that integrates graphic artwork and color, some of them bold, to warm up spaces in the new decade.

Healthy lighting

Yes, lighting can affect your health. There are cheaper and efficient innovations in lighting that are having an impact on more than just the wallet. Certain hard working lights lower stress, give you a better night’s sleep and improve concentration. These lights are finding their way into senior living design. Human centric or biorhythmic is the preferred lighting, simulating daylight all day. 

Smart, Tech-savvy Design

Seniors are spending a lot of time on line, playing games, chatting and face timing with grandchildren and yes, dating. Research shows 14 percent of seniors used internet in 2000. Now, 82 percent of seniors, ages 65-70, have internet, 71 percent go online daily. Voice activated technologies are leading the way, as seniors can now speak and lights illuminate, doors lock and heat, air and televisions turn on. The technology is smart and so are the seniors. Smart tech-savvy senior living designers will keep that in mind as a top trend for the 20’s. 

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