A Fresh Look at Seating in Senior Living Dining

Dining in senior living is as much about the setting as it is about the food. Dining rooms, cafés, coffee bars and ‘happy hour’ lounges allow residents to enjoy the social aspects of dining within their communities. Seating in senior living dining should be versatile. The best ones are comfortable in both a dining space and an activity space. That level of usage requires next level cleanability. With Kwalu, seating for dining delivers.

Chairs that seamlessly merge dining and activity

This group of chairs can easily transition from dining to games. They are curvy, cozy, and comfortable. Kwalu’s Gela is available with or without a handgrip, which, along with the optional casters,  aid in moving the chair. The Miranda has arm handgrips aid with ingress and egress. The arms and legs of both chairs are made of easily cleaned and maintained Kwalu Classic material.

The dining bench will revisit and create memories

Benches are for more places than the park. Take the senior living dining room for example. High back benches like Kwalu’s Antillo bench is as comfortable as it is versatile. This stately bench comes in four widths. The base is a real eye-catcher with its crisscrossed underframe. It’s a collection that includes backless models as well, but the high back takes the user back to the days of having a sofa pop in a mid-century diner booth.

Thoughtful elegant seating design in dining

It goes without saying that dining chairs, especially in senior living, need to be durable, comfortable and support aging bodies. But the look of the dining chair cannot be an afterthought. Seniors desire and appreciate elegant design. Chairs with a higher back are elegant and give a nod to a wingback lounge chair. The sleek Vercelli and Camarina dining chairs by Kwalu are gorgeous and have thoughtful features that make them go-to elegant dining senior living chairs.

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