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Best Bench Seating for Education

Bench seating is ideal for education environments. A lounge chair with a back says relax and stay a while. A backless and armless bench suggests a short stay to recharge and collaborate. Busy students appreciate the bench in a variety of areas on campus like the student center lounge, the library and in dining spaces. Benches that include connectivity are highly desired by students on their laptops, phones and iPads. Kwalu has all bases covered with its benches for colleges and universities.

Fermo Bench

Kwalu’s Fermo bench tops the list of benches for education because of its versatility and its style. To begin with, this bench is offered in 3 sizes 6’, 8’, and 10’ which make it easy to place in any size space. This is a curvy bench, with each curve subtly defining each seat. It can easily be placed along a wall, the curves allowing access to any wall sockets for connectivity. This bench is literally so flexible that several can be combined in large spaces.

Palma Bench

To say the Palma Bench is all encompassing is a true statement. This bench is a half-circle in shape. Combine two and you can get around structural obstacles that often show up in the middle of the grand rooms of higher learning. It is perfectly fine standing alone, creating a curved point of interest. But should you want to create the circle effect, the two Palmas can be bracketed together.

Convesso Bench

Think of the area outside of the university dining hall, or outside of a conference space. The Convesso Bench by Kwalu is just right in size. The high curved arms add an air of sophistication to this bench seating. Versatile and functional, the Convesso will also provide a conversation spot while waiting for the elevator.

Diamante Bench

Bench seating on campus can also take full advantage of large sunlit windows for hanging out time as well as study time. Benches without backs don’t block the light or the view. Kwalu’s Diamante Bench is just right to create a window seat and keep ideas fresh. Diamante looks good in an all over fabric choice or keep this bench stylish and interesting by utilizing its fabric zones.

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