Designing Spaces for Healthcare Furniture

Every design created in healthcare Furniture is much like the birth of a baby. Designing healthcare furniture for everyone who goes to the hospital takes time and the end result delivers many years of happiness. There are so many areas of the hospital where family and friends gather for different reasons. Some are the happiest … Continued

Bringing Good Things to Life in Senior Living Furniture

Seniors are living longer more active lives. Some still enjoy craft activities, which were popular in the past, but most are going out to dinner and a movie, taking to the outdoors for light gardening or staying fit by taking short walks or an exercise class. A more active senior requires more options in Senior … Continued

Top 5 Healthcare Design Trends for 2017

Healthcare design trends transform the patient experience into one of a warm inviting environment and away from the past clinical experiences of yesteryear. Today HCAHP scores rate the patient experience and can have a very definitive result on how a hospital is perceived by the public and can affect up to 2% of their Medicare … Continued

Top Senior Living Design Trends

The designers at Kwalu are always keeping an eye out for what’s next. Designing space and furniture for seniors can be a tricky business. The whole premise is to design a community where space must be efficient, be impeccably maintained and provide the look and feel of home. To further compound the challenge, designers must … Continued

Top Senior Living Furniture Trends

As the average age of residents continues to rise, so do their acuity levels.  This will bring a greater need for furniture that is designed for safety, but also comfort.  Comfort is not just tactile, but it’s also how the design aesthetic makes you feel and its ease of use. Below are senior living furniture … Continued

9 Innovative Ways to Balance Form & Function in Senior Living Interior Design

Senior living interior design is evolving.  The median age of senior housing residents is now 87 and is increasing by .8 every year.  As a result, assisted living and independent living residents are increasingly frail and have more acute conditions. While interior designs should be stylish and attractive to impress potential new residents, it is also … Continued

Simple Tricks to Keeping Your Assisted Living & Memory Care Community Looking Brand New for Years

As assisted living residents are increasing in both age and acuity levels of conditions, wear & tear to your assisted living or memory care community can happen at a faster rate.  This can lead to increased annual cost of replacing furniture and a less than stellar visual appeal that may turn away new residents. Luckily … Continued

Understanding the Total Cost of Furniture Ownership

When evaluating purchases and attempting to understand the total cost of furniture ownership, there are more factors than many realize. Below are just a few you should consider when evaluating your alternatives. Replacement or Refinishing Costs On average, wood products need to be replaced every 5-7 years due to joint failure, breakages or the unsightly … Continued

The Patient Room of the Future – Is it here now?

In November of 2013, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “The Hospital Room of the Future”. This article provided a look from the Mayo Clinic into a future state of how hospital rooms could be improved. One of the biggest drivers of this is the reduction of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). The article … Continued

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