Your Wait is Over – Flexible Design in Healthcare

A few years ago the wait times in the average emergency department in the U.S. was a little over 30 minutes. That may not sound like a very long time, but consider that people are there with cuts, breaks coughs and colds. As hospitals work to reduce those times, healthcare designers work to make the … Continued

Safe and Secure in Senior Living

There is more to selecting the right location for the beloved seniors in your life than view, great cuisine and a good amount of social interaction. True, they should be high on the list, but the most important factor to consider is safety. The right floor is everything There are a number of ways seniors … Continued

Respect and Caring for Bariatric Patients in a Healthcare Environment

Obesity is a societal and a health problem Obesity is a becoming the most serious health problem in America, with more than two-thirds of the adults here are overweight or obese. That is one in three people and the rate has been expanding steadily for over 20 years. The healthcare system is just now beginning … Continued

Don’t Forget Activities for Those in Memory Care

Keep the mind interested Helping to keep people who live with Dementia and Alzheimer’s active and interested in things to do can be challenging. It is compounded when those seniors reside in assisted living communities. How do you keep many minds focused enough to enjoy activities? Minds that are being ravaged by diseases that cause … Continued

Emergency Room Design for Senior Patients

Emergency Room Comfort and the Aging Population By 2030 one in five Americans will be over the age of 65. The fastest growing population is adults over 85. Emergency Rooms can be chaotic and a dangerous place for older adults. Long wait times, bright lights, stark white walls and very shiny floors all add to … Continued

Senior Loneliness and Care Solutions in Senior Living Environments

According to a report by the Pew Research Center (May 2016) roughly 12 million Americans over the age of 65 live alone and most of them are women. While it’s not a fair statement to say that all seniors living by themselves are lonely, a solitary living state can lead to isolation. A number of … Continued

Healthcare Fabrics – Busy Environments Require Hard Working Fabrics

You’ve just made a visit to the doctor and you’ve taken a seat in the waiting room. That seat was occupied by a hundred before you that day. When you sit down in a healthcare lobby or waiting room you aren’t thinking about how hard the fabrics are working on that seat but you should … Continued

Know Before You Go! Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Assisted living communities should provide each resident with the help one needs to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle. The community should meet a person’s needs and wants, to help the resident make good decisions about their lives on an ongoing basis. Create an assisted living residence checklist of questions when you interview communities Prepare … Continued

Kwalu is Clean, Infection Control Furniture

Decreasing the risk of cross-transmission of dangerous pathogens Research suggests that environmental surface contamination can play a vital role in the transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter, Norovirus and C. diff. Cleanability is key. Kwalu’s non-coated, non-porous furniture can withstand the most rigorous cleaning protocols while exceeding hospital furniture standards. Healthcare Associated … Continued

You’re Senior, Single and Relocating – Now What?

There are many living choices single seniors aged 70 and above can make when they decide to move out of their homes. The popular choice for these seniors is becoming continuing care retirement communities. Transitioning from homes they’ve owned for decades can be very stressful, not only for the resident but for their families and … Continued

What Makes a Hospital Stand Out

In the case of an emergency, you don’t really have a choice in the decision about which hospital you go to. When the choice is up to you, what makes a hospital stand out as a favorite and what features make you turn and run? Everyone wants a hospital to provide top notched care and … Continued

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