Senior Living Dining for an Expanding Market

Dining in modern senior living is changing. Residents and their families want the opportunity to select where they dine and how they dine. Grand dining rooms have not disappeared in senior living communities. They remain the formal place for group meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. However senior living communities now provide more choices for … Continued

Designing Memory Care Environments

Memory care is one of the fastest growing segments in Senior Living. According to the Alzheimer’s Association’s statistics, increasing age is the greatest risk factor for the disease, doubling every five years after age 65. In memory care, furniture sets the standard that provides a sense of home and familiarity without sacrificing a sense of … Continued

Design is in the Details – Senior Living Design Trends for 2018

Diverse yet accommodating common areas Modern senior living design details in common areas open the door to an entertaining space filled with activities for the culturally diverse group of people who live there. It can be challenging to devise an activity plan when you have to consider varied cultural and religious backgrounds. Add the fact … Continued

Hospital Design for 2018 and Beyond Will Wear Many Hats

Healthcare interior design and hospital furniture design today is becoming more challenging and its effectiveness needs to be as diverse as the patients it serves on a daily basis in every hospital. Patients who are battling mental health and addictions issues are very different from the elderly entering an emergency department battling chest pains or … Continued

Behavioral Healthcare Furniture for a Safe Secure Environment

Furniture for Behavioral Health should embrace the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual or holistic aspects of healing. Bright spaces and open floorplans encourage behavioral health patients to spend time out of their rooms, participating in activities with other patients. Because safety is paramount, the selection of healthcare furniture requires an eye for design and careful … Continued

Designing Healthcare Environments for Children

When designing healthcare environments for children consider, first, who is using the space. Children’s hospital interiors should be designed to serve children of all ages. The needs of a five-year-old will be different from that of a 15-year-old. The needs will also vary based on the reason the child is in the hospital. The types … Continued

Modern Design Ideas for Healthcare Centers

Healthcare interior design is much like a baby being born, designing healthcare furniture for everyone who goes to the hospital takes time and the end result will be many years of happiness. There are so many areas of the hospital where modern healthcare design can have a positive impact where family members of different ages … Continued

Modern Design Ideas for Senior Living Communities

A design driver for a modern senior living lifestyle that includes Seniors that are living longer more active lives include areas of a community that take into consideration some of the following. Some still enjoy craft activities, which were popular in the past, but most are going out to dinner and a movie, taking to … Continued

Top 5 Healthcare Design Trends for 2017

Healthcare design trends transform the patient experience into one of a warm inviting environment and away from the past clinical experiences of yesteryear. Today HCAHP scores rate the patient experience and can have a very definitive result on how a hospital is perceived by the public and can affect up to 2% of their Medicare … Continued

Top Senior Living Design Trends

The designers at Kwalu are always keeping an eye out for what’s next. Designing space and furniture for seniors can be a tricky business. The whole premise is to design a community where space must be efficient, be impeccably maintained and provide the look and feel of home. To further compound the challenge, designers must … Continued

Top Senior Living Furniture Trends

As the average age of residents continues to rise, so do their acuity levels.  This will bring a greater need for furniture that is designed for safety, but also comfort.  Comfort is not just tactile, but it’s also how the design aesthetic makes you feel and its ease of use. Below are senior living furniture … Continued

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