Waiting area furniture and seating designed for behavioral health and wellness environments from Kwalu

Ready To Upgrade Old Furniture?

End of Life Options

When your products are ready to be upgraded, end of life options include:

  • Refurbishing – seat cushions are designed to be field replaceable and can be ordered from us. Chair-back upholstery can be replaced onsite through our Kwalu upholstery replacement service.
  • Donating – there are many organizations that can benefit from your products and put them to good use. Kwalu has partnered with CSR Eco Solutions to make furniture donations easy and to find worthy recipients. We can also help with reporting / auditing for LEED projects.
  • Recycling – when refurbishing or donating is not an option, Kwalu has again partnered with CSR Eco Solutions to offer you an easy path to recycle your furniture. They ensure a 95% landfill diversion rate.

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