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Furnishing Chapels in Healthcare

Many people have reported an increase in personal faith or spirituality since the pandemic. For many hospital staff, patients, and visitors the chapel is a safe space for them to reflect or ask for guidance. It is important that the Chapel is a comfortable and clean space, including the furniture.

Why do hospitals have chapels?

The chapel in a hospital or healthcare hospice is primarily to comfort and encourage visitors who are in the hospital with a patient who is a family member or friend. Many chapels have chaplains who offer guidance and support for those in need. The chaplain is typically familiar with beliefs and practices from different cultures and can counsel patients before and after surgery.  It may come as a surprise to know that if a patient was planning a wedding at the time they were admitted, the chapel can also serve as a location for a private and meaningful wedding ceremony.

Best furniture for hospital chapel

The chapel is a place of worship, counsel or meditation used by hospital staff, patients, and visitors. It must be comfortable and welcoming while providing durable seating. This is Kwalu’s Furniture for Chapels in Healthcare Facilities. The Trava Guest, Desana Occasional, and the Terrasini Occasional are the top three seating options for the chapel by Kwalu. All are durable, bleach cleanable and extremely comfortable.

Do all hospitals have chapels?

You’ll find chapels in many types of medical centers, not just hospitals. Chapels can be found in hospices, surgical centers, and mental health facilities. Not all are called chapels. Chapels are used by everyone visitors, patients, and staff for a variety of reasons. It is a comfortable place to meditate and can go by many names. They can be called meditation rooms, counsel and comfort room or prayer rooms. Chapels can also be in gardens on the hospital grounds.

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