Furnishing The Future®

Meet the challenges of today with leading-edge designs engineered for tomorrow. At Kwalu®, we use the latest technology to make furnishing solutions that offer both long-lasting durability and cleanability. But we know that building a better world will take more. That is why we also offer impeccable customer service — so that whatever the next challenge may be, you’ve got a partner you can trust to meet your unique needs.

Thoughtfully engineered to last 10 years

Worn and tired-looking furniture can cause visitors to draw negative conclusions about your hospital, off-site medical office or senior living community – and in turn your quality of care. This adversely impacts your bottom line. But Kwalu products will look as good in year 10 as they do on the day of delivery or installation. With Kwalu, you create and effortlessly maintain impressive, yet cost-effective spaces that enhance your reputation and make everyone feel welcome.

Kwalu manufactures furniture that is as tough as it is beautiful. From lounge and lobby, café and dining areas, resident/patient rooms, student centers, and everything in between, Kwalu offers the perfect mix of style, cleanability, and durability.

Wood furniture is typically protected with surface coatings, which start to wear off, scratch and dent within days of first being used. Wood’s warmth and elegance has been re-imagined into Kwalu’s everlasting finish, which is highly durable, and unlike surface coatings, offers protection all the way through its outer shell.

Furnishing solutions for now and the future

The CDC has a growing concern about viruses (like COVID-19), pandemics, and fungi like C. Auris, plus the rise of antibiotic resistance and the superbug. Better surfaces support the path to a better and brighter future. Kwalu’s multiple award-winning furniture surfaces lead the way by providing better cleanability and durability. Kwalu’s affordable, 100% bleach-cleanable furniture is made to be cleaned and disinfected again and again, and it can withstand over 30 healthcare grade chemical cleaners – our unique 10-year warranty guarantees it. Learn more

Over time, joint weakness and failure in seating create serious liability risks and are the leading reasons for furniture replacement. Kwalu classic chairs have our patented steel-reinforced joint construction which eliminates joint failure.

Backed by the industry’s only 10-year performance warranty, our product is guaranteed to provide a decade of exemplary, attractive service. So, there is no need to purchase additional products due to the anticipated breakages and failure you typically find with wood. Most Kwalu chairs are constructed using between 20-40 pieces of steel in the joints – so you never have to wonder whether your furniture will perform as promised.

Care-free Maintenance Re-invented

Constant upkeep to maintain quality standards can be both expensive and laborious, requiring additional maintenance staff and increasing amounts of time. With Kwalu products, there is no need to strip, sand, stain and re-finish wood furniture, so there is never a need to remove items from service in order to have them looking their best.

Scuff-, scratch- and water-resistant, heavy maintenance becomes light housekeeping in a matter of seconds – just a few strokes of steel wool and you are good to go. Learn more

Focused Customer Support Center

Kwalu® uses the latest technology and engineers its furniture so people can relax in style and safety because Kwalu’s cutting edge cleanable materials keep their beauty even after a decade of heavy disinfecting. For additional peace of mind our Caring and Reliable Customer Service Team is always available to address any of your questions or concerns. CONTACT US to learn more about how Kwalu can help you furnish for the future.

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