Furniture Designed for An Active College Lifestyle

To coin a phrase from a famous coming of age movie, life on campus moves pretty fast, if you don’t keep up you could miss it. Students move fast and want their surroundings to reflect their ambition and ability. Comfortable and flexible areas on campus that provide study zones of different types featuring furniture that can serve multiple purposes are very welcoming spaces. Kwalu’s flexible university furniture addresses a wide range of challenges at the crossroads of study, social connection, and increased activity on campus.

Active furniture for the activities of the Sports Center

With all the activity in a university sports center, what’s needed is seating that is easily moved and transitions quickly from function to function. Kwalu’s Sciara Bar and Counter stools are staples in the sports and rec centers because of their simplicity and versatility. The Delfini Seating Collection can be another popular choice for the university rec space as it can be grouped to fit the area and has the capability of adding a power grommet to help students stay connected.

The easy-going furniture of the Living and Learning Center

Benches and ottomans are comfortable no fuss seating options that maintain their good looks in a dorm room. Depending on the size of the space, which is usually small, ottomans, like Kwalu’s Minori can be easily placed and moved for looks and functionality. For a slightly larger space, the Diamante Bench is comfortable and also a great spot to drop books or a change of clothes before hurrying off to the next event.

Collaborative education furniture for collaborative learning

The student center is a place of diversity on campus. Here the opportunities are endless to use many types of seating to assure everyone is comfortable and able to collaborate depending on the task and the mood. Ottomans and armless modular collections add a level of ease to these large spaces. Lounge seating, like the Diamante collection, combined with light and airy occasional tables are welcoming and invite students to sit and stay. The cool mid-century modern design of the Varallo Guest is just right for study or casual dining.

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