Furniture That Creates Social Learning Spaces in Education

A school of higher learning is chosen for a few reasons. Obviously, the top reason is the school’s reputation for providing a stellar education. The tuition, and available grants, financial gifts and loans rank high as parents and students make their decisions about what school to attend. It may come as a surprise to know, creating design that is updated and comfortable on college campuses will also attract students to a school. Good furniture design in education is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it can also and should support students as they study and inspire students as they prepare for adulthood.

Education design that reflects the study needs of students

Students will gravitate to spaces that support and define self-expression. They expect their living and learning spaces to reflect their various styles of living and learning. The university library space has evolved to create an environment ideal for learning and creativity. These spaces include versatile furniture like the Palma Bench and the Bellino Ottoman, easily moved to create learning pods for solitary or group study.

Education design that supports a flexible learning environment

The classroom is not the only place students learn on campus. Students today prefer learning in environments that support ideas. If students feel that they are heard and understood, they believe their contributions will be meaningful and have an impact. Study areas that are flexible enough to include seating and tables like Kwalu’s Madrid stools and Lecco tables invite conversation, sociability and learning.

Education design that supports collaboration

The student lounge is a flexible space used for meetings, meals, and recreation. Student lounge ideas should include furniture that considers the student, their creativity, and their connectivity. The flexible  Brianza occasional tables by Kwalu puts the student in control of how they shape their collaborative space. These round end and coffee tables, with or without solid surface tops, anchor collaborative spaces and are easily paired with any one of Kwalu’s comfortable and stylish college lounge seating models.

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