Furniture that Functions in the 24-7 Healthcare Environment

Hospitals are large facilities in constant evolution, so their interiors must be able to blend with the times and to deal with change in small increments. Unlike hotel or retail environments, a partial closure to allow one new look to be implemented is never an option, and the true 24 hour/7 days a week/365 day a year healthcare environment puts special stress on furnishings and finishes not seen in other building types.

Durability is the first step

For years now, healthcare articles proclaim the importance of using solid surface materials in medical spaces. These surfaces are seamless and nonporous, making them easier to clean and maintain. Surfaces that are easy to clean, especially with bleach, reduce the instance of mold, mildew and germs. Kwalu furniture fulfills these requirements and more. The high-impact resistant polymer finish is easily repaired and resistant to dings and scuffs, maintaining appearances with minimal housekeeping, instead of extensive and time-consuming maintenance.

Flexible, generic rooms

A hospital building may last for fifty years or more but it’s individual patient rooms can undergo changes in as short a time as 7 years. Following the pandemic, the rate of remodel has shrunk to a ‘right now’ time period. Germ killing lighting and new technologies in ventilation are being added along with bleach-cleanable solid surfaces. The rooms need to be flexible and must be able to handle incremental changes in order to keep abreast of the evolving needs and technologies. Today’s pediatric exam room may later be part of a geriatric cardiology unit, or a new imaging suite, or relocated office functions in only a few years.

Patient Rooms Designed for the Family

Studies have shown a positive relationship between family interactions and improved healing rates. For patient rooms that will accommodate family visitors within the same space, smart furniture design and modular items are key.  Kwalu has furniture to meet the needs of the changing patient room. As technology advances, Kwalu will be right there creating durable and seamless healthcare furniture.

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