Healthcare Surfaces That Exceed Expectations

The surfaces in a hospital should be healthy, safe, durable, and look good. They must accommodate everyone who encounters them, patients, guests, and staff. The longer they can maintain the attributes, the most cost effective the surfaces are. Be sure of your healthcare surfaces. Think about everyone who uses them in a day – kids with runny noses and coughs, harried mom’s changing diapers and adults who will just sit, eat, and put soiled shoes on table tops while they wait. Kwalu’s solid surfaces that do not scuff, scratch, or mar and can be easily cleaned with all healthcare grade cleaning products are the preferred surfaces and exceed expectations in any healthcare setting.

Clean healthcare furniture reduces stress

The way public spaces in hospitals and off-site medical buildings, like lobbies and other wait spaces look sends subliminal messages to patients and visitors about the care, comfort, and safety they can expect to receive. Thoughtfully designed healthcare spaces, including patient and treatment rooms, should suggest that a healing clean environment exists throughout the hospital. Health should be at the forefront of thoughtfully designed healthcare spaces. Clean and health can be synonymous especially in a patient room. A patient’s review can make or break a hospital’s reputation, so it is smart to view design from a patient’s point of view and keep it clean.

The questionable surfaces of metal and wood in healthcare

We all know wood is beautiful in nature and with a lot of care can be beautiful indoors. But take wood out of its natural environment and bring it inside and you will soon see the quick deterioration of this surface material.  Wood does not handle the constant care practices in hospitals well and will swell and splinter. The downside to metal is it scratches easily and that changes the physical appearance of the metal top.  Metal with scratches is unsightly and creates a place for bacteria to grow and transfer from person to person. Kwalu surfaces will not scratch, rust or deteriorate.

Award-winning Kwalu surfaces are the preferred surfaces in healthcare

Furniture surfaces in healthcare should be able to withstand the harsh daily cleaning regimens, including bleach, without degrading finish and appearance. Combining appropriate furniture materials in a hospital’s design with the correct cleaning products and protocols ensures effective surface disinfection. Kwalu’s multiple award-winning innovative surfaces are cleanable with undiluted bleach and the top healthcare cleaning chemicals. Guaranteed to look like new for a decade, Kwalu you will not only get a positive outcome, but visitors will also be sure to return to your healthcare facility.

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