Inspiring Design for the Future of Education

For the nation’s colleges and universities learning in the social setting, which is at the foundation of higher education, is proving to be challenging in the time of COVID. It is a new year, and the availability of vaccines is on the rise, but colleges and universities also continue to show an increase in cases. Education designers are inspired to furnish spaces that can potentially relieve stress as they navigate the way back and create sustainable designs for the future.

Furnishing education outdoor

Research shows learning and studying outdoors increases students’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. With mental health being a major concern on many college campuses, administrations are adding nature paths, park-like spaces and water features in their total campus design. Outside is the place students can go to get recharged. Furnishing green spaces on campus could improve test scores, increase mental health recovery and allow for more relaxation spaces. Kwalu has outdoor lounge chairs and occasional tables which can support this endeavor. See all Kwalu outdoor here.

Furnishing small group study

Social pods, where the space automatically limits how many can gather, is gaining in popularity on campuses. In addition to the obvious social distancing these small groups avail, they also allow for focused collaboration and study. Kwalu has beautiful wood like finishes with seating and tables perfect for the immerging pods. See Kwalu’s student lounge seating and tables here.

Furnishing flexible dining

Dining on campus has been different as schools adjusted to pandemic guidelines to ensure safety for their students. Students will continue to find dining experiences adjusted on campus until the pandemic is completely under control. Seating in dining areas has been spaced out more so students can maintain their distance. Long tables are being replaced by smaller ones to accommodate groups of 2-4. Lounge seating is mixed in for a more relaxed environment. Kwalu campus dining tables and chairs are stylish and easily cleaned. See Kwalu’s college dining furniture here.

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