Our thoughts are with everyone during this unprecedented time. Kwalu is highly concerned about decreasing the risk of cross-transmission of dangerous pathogens.

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Kwalu Brings Innovative Furniture to Healthcare

The cleanability and durability of healthcare furniture is a very high priority, especially in a pandemic. Furniture that checks those boxes, holds up well to daily cleaning with products that contain bleach and continues to look like new is timely, innovative, and even revolutionary. That furniture should be the healthcare furniture of choice. That furniture is Kwalu.

Healthcare furniture that promotes cleaner surfaces

As the research suggests, environmental surface contamination can play a pivotal role in transmission of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Choosing the right combination of products and processes can help maintain cleaner surfaces. The Modena by Kwalu, for example, is healthcare chemical proof. The frequently touched frame stands up to daily bleach cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning removes contaminants, disinfection kills pathogens. Studies show human coronaviruses could be “effectively inactivated” on surfaces quickly if cleaned with bleach.

Healthcare furniture that automatically creates distance

When people come to the hospital or doctor’s office, their number one concern is getting a good check up and getting well. During this time of uncertainty, they are also thinking about remaining well. The science shows maintaining safe distances is just as important as cleaning in the fight to end coronavirus and other pathogens. Linking tables are furniture that is functional and creates space. Kwalu has several seating models that accommodate linking tables. Center and corner versions of these tables create space and because they are made of Kwalu’s proprietary finishes, they are easily cleaned and maintained.

Innovative healthcare furniture for the patient room

Kwalu’s GetWell Patient Room was awarded the Nightingale Innovation Award for Surfacing Material. Why? Because the proprietary finish does not have any of the drawbacks of wood. It is moisture impervious, bleach cleanable and maintenance-free. All healthcare bedside casegoods have solid surface tops. The New York Bedside is designed with the patient in mind and designed exclusively for the healthcare market. It is staged on a platform which makes it the right height for the patient’s use in or out of bed.

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