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Decreasing the risk of cross-transmission of dangerous pathogens

Research suggests that environmental surface contamination can play a vital role in the transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter, Norovirus and C. diff. Cleanability is key. Kwalu’s non-coated, non-porous furniture can withstand the most rigorous cleaning protocols while exceeding hospital furniture standards.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) continue to challenge the Healthcare industry. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 4% of the patients admitted to hospitals will contract an HAI, and the total economic burden is estimated at over $35 billion annually. Environmental surface contamination is a factor in cross-transmission of HAIs. Cleanability and infection prevention furniture are the key in combating HAIs. Why?

Easy-to-Clean Hospital Furniture Combats Bacteria

Wood furniture products are inherently porous, and prone to nicks and scratches. Harsh cleaning chemicals could then further damage the surface. Add time and moisture and the substrate swells, allowing bacteria and other organisms to gain a stronghold. With metal furniture, once the surface coatings are scratched the chemicals used to disinfect may have corrosive properties, negatively impacting the integrity of the furniture. Over time, these compromised surfaces could become reservoirs for dangerous pathogens. Because Kwalu infection prevention hospital furniture pieces are smooth and non-porous, with fewer seams, they are less likely to harbor dangerous pathogens and are easier to clean. This helps Hospital Environmental Services in getting rooms ready quickly.

Optional Antimicrobial Product Protection and Cleanability

Some wood and metal furniture products use an antimicrobial topical coating that is typically only a few microns thick. As soon as the finish is damaged, scratched, nicked or swells due to normal use, bacteria and other organisms could gain a stronghold. Harsh cleaning chemicals may further damage the topical coating, leaving it, at best, ineffectual and at worst, compromised. Our optional antimicrobial product protection is inherent to our infection prevention furniture, and is not a topical coating. Our patented, high-impact-resistant repairable polymer is scuff-, scratch-, and water-resistant and can be thoroughly cleansed with most sanitizing solutions commonly used in healthcare and senior living environments, (including bleach) without compromising the antimicrobial product protection properties or damaging the finish.

Patient Room of the Future is Now

November 2013, the Wall Street Journal posted an article on Mayo’s Center for Innovation indicating the patient room of the future should have: “all surfaces in the room other than floors made of Corian® or similar solid surface materials…” Kwalu is a solid surface materials, and already has the product of the future that exceeds hospital furniture standards!

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