Kwalu Furnishing the Future™

When COVID struck unexpectedly last year, many employees and companies struggled to maintain their identities, work cultures and company morale. As people began working from home, establishing routines in a chaotic world, it begged the question, “What is going to happen in the future?” A new year brings new hope and for Kwalu, our ultimate goal was to better define ourselves as a market leader in senior living, healthcare and education furnishing. We took the challenge of re-branding to a whole new level. Our goal, “Kwalu Furnishing the Future™”, is to extend the Kwalu brand and industry leadership in a post-COVID world.

Today’s challenges bring solutions for the future

Throughout the pandemic, senior living communities, hospitals and schools have joined the throngs of businesses seeking ways to reopen and stay open. As we press forward, it is important to let the lessons of the past script a smarter future as we ask, what’s next. By 2050, scientists are predicting the US will be in a post-antibiotic world. Better surfaces support the path to a better and brighter future. Kwalu’s multiple award-winning furniture surfaces lead the way by providing better cleanability and durability.

Innovate with purpose

No one disputes the fact that clean surfaces are the most desired surfaces in any location, but how do surfaces function when faced with constant, and at times, harsh chemical cleanings? Wood surfaces are lovely but wood does not hold up well when cleaned day after day. It puckers and splits, creating crevices and breeding grounds for germs. Metal is susceptible to corrosion. If compromised, it rusts. Unlike these finishes, the non-porous nature of Kwalu’s polymer also means you can use bleach directly on it. Kwalu’s innovative surfaces and finishes stand up to the constant bumps and jolts found in everyday life. Our patented flexible polymer construction allows Kwalu to rebound and continue to look like new, year after year.

New day, new challenges – Kwalu is furnishing the future.

Furniture surfaces send messages to residents, patients and guests about the cleanliness of the surroundings. In many environments, furniture is in contact with items and activities that leave it dinged and otherwise compromised. Wood’s warmth and elegance has been brilliantly reimagined into Kwalu’s everlasting finish. Kwalu’s multiple award-winning finishes stand up to harsh chemicals and daily cleanings. This furniture has no joints, no seams, no surface crevices. As you can see, Kwalu is furnishing the future.

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