Our thoughts are with everyone during this unprecedented time. Kwalu is highly concerned about decreasing the risk of cross-transmission of dangerous pathogens.

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Kwalu Healthcare Surfaces Impact Impressions, Experience, and the Bottom Line

How many times have healthcare furniture designers delivered awe inspiring designs only to have them fade and fail in a few years and thereby tarnishing the integrity and intent of original designs? Consider the cost of replacing chairs, tables and casegoods in hospitals and offsite medical offices. Kwalu’s solid colors, metallics and wood-looking surfaces are guaranteed to look like new for 10 years. In addition, all are graffiti- and healthcare chemical-proof.

What makes Kwalu’s surfaces so special

Furniture surfaces that look like new for 10 years sounds like a marketing slogan. It’s not. Kwalu’s once-in-a-generation innovative surfaces will not show the signs of age commonly found in other surfaces. The chair frames look like wood but because they are made of a high-impact resistant polymer, they don’t have any of the drawbacks of wood. They will not peel, flake, crack, or rust, like metal. That’s great news for healthcare environments where first impressions are lasting and may send a subliminal message of the level of care. Not only are the surfaces guaranteed to look pristine, but the patented construction is also guaranteed for a decade. There is no need to rebuild Kwalu’s built environment as the designs remain uncompromised by time, cleaners, and the active environment.

Kwalu surfaces with the right fabric are a cost-effective combination

Failing furniture is a universal and costly challenge in healthcare. By combining the Kwalu surfaces with bleach cleanable and field replaceable upholstery this problem is solved. When a hospital must replace expensive furniture on a frequent basis that can potentially become more than 300% of purchase price over 10 years and is frankly unnecessary with Kwalu. With inflation, labor shortages, and rising consumer expectations of clean surfaces, surfaces that don’t need constant replacement, are becoming more desirable and potentially a financial necessity.

Clean furniture is good for the body and the spirit

By 2050, Scientist are predicting that the US will be in a post- antibiotic world unless something drastically changes. Surfaces continue to play a role. The more people that get infections from surfaces and need treatment, the quicker we become antibiotic resistant. Kwalu surfaces will not degrade and harbor dangerous pathogens. These are the types of surfaces that are helpful in interrupting transmission as they offer long term cleanability and durability. Healthcare furniture should suggest a healing and calm environment. Kwalu healthcare furniture does.

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