Kwalu Offers 3D Revit Files for Furniture Solutions

It is a cutting-edge digital collaborative tool to help designers create innovative spaces. It is Revit and Kwalu has it. Now, more than ever before, designers are keenly aware of Senior Living spaces and particularly, designing for social distance within those spaces. Revit, the BIM (Building Information Modeling) software commonly used to do floorplans, 3D models, renders, etc. allows the designer to work with parametric elements. Kwalu revit supports furniture that is designed to last.

Look at Kwalu Revit:

1. Ease of collaboration on Kwalu design projects

Everyone on the team can contribute to the Kwalu revit files so that everyone is on the same page. No time lost in the seamless collaboration. Here you can see the Altavilla Dining chair in its revit design stages. Products are designed and all Family Types, such as the Altavilla Dining and Altavilla Counter Stool, are viewed in place quickly to make it easy for you to see our products in your space.

2. Kwalu furniture revit files continue to grow to make your design choices easier

On the Kwalu product pages that include revit files designers can access the revit files for that product. Kwalu’s product catalogue is vast, covering the markets of healthcare, education, and senior living. Each week new products are added to the Kwalu revit file list.

3. Kwalu Revit inspires realistic renders

Revit has become one of the most popular software tools in the design community as it gives the option to include bills of materials, specs of individual parts, architectural objects, and much more in a format which is simpler to use than other CAD based programs. It is easier to manipulate Revit native 3D objects rather than importing the models from other software. For designers, it literally brings their vision for the space to life adding the specified products and showing how they fit into the overall design.

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