Kwalu’s 5 Best Waiting Room Chairs for Hospitals and Medical Offices Post-COVID

The CDC has identified a few antibiotic-resistant germs that are transmitted on surfaces. As we look ahead to a time free of the coronavirus, hospitals and medical offices should be preparing for waiting rooms that provide solutions to these urgent threats. Kwalu medical waiting room chairs adhere to the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals. These top chairs are nonporous, easy to clean, with no surface crevices, joints, or seams.

1. Medical Lounge & Waiting Room Seating Collections offer a seamless look

The Montedoro Lounge collection, like many Kwalu Healthcare seating collections, includes a lounge chair, a bariatric and a love seat. The arms and legs are made of Kwalu’s proprietary material which are moisture impervious, easy to clean and maintenance-free. The concealed clean out makes it easier to keep the collection clean.

2. Inviting Medical Waiting Room Chairs

If you have ever had to wait in a medical office reception the furniture area it has in the past felt more like a corral of chairs without much attention paid to comfort. The Modena Guest, Guest-Armless and the Bariatric chairs by Kwalu break the mold of boring uncomfortable reception seating. These chairs are thoughtfully designed, with flexible backs and bleach-cleanable high touch points.

3. Flex Back seating designed for comfortable waits

Flex back seating is the most comfortable option for waiting rooms because the slight movement in that back allows the user to adjust their own comfort level. In addition to the Modena Guest and bariatric chairs, Kwalu offers the Valdina Flex – Short Back, Valdina Flex – Tall Back, and the Valdina Flex-Short Back Armless. Both the back and seat cushions can be replaced in the field. And of course, the high touch surfaces are bleach cleanable.

4. Chairs with Linking Tables make it easy to sit apart

Linking tables serve the dual purpose of allowing families to sit closer but maintain their own seat and provide stationary social distancing between strangers in medical lobbies and reception areas. Kwalu has several seating options that accommodate both center and corner linking tables, including the Caterina, Modena, and Valdina, some with two widths.

5. Group Seating that works for patient and family

Multiple seating in receptions and medical lobbies is versatile. Multiples mix seating models such as guest chairs and bariatric chairs allowing for various configurations of three seat combinations. A bariatric can seat one person comfortably or can seat a mother and child. By integrating a bariatric with guest chairs, no one feels ostracized in a waiting room. Kwalu’s Modena Multiple has the flex back feature that makes sitting here very comfortable.

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