Kwalu’s Best Theater Seating for Senior Living

Theater seating is a popular seating option in senior living. Seniors can be entertained with friends in individual seating. With so many options available in theater style seating, the user can literally have a party in the chair. Stylish and functional, Kwalu’s theater chairs are suited for many senior living environments like resident rooms, media rooms, game rooms and other common areas. All are available with legs or optional front casters.

1. Theater chair with good ergonomics

The right ergonomics in theater seating can make viewing and senior activities more enjoyable. When selecting theater seating for any senior living common area, make sure there is enough lumbar and head support for viewing movies and theater screens. Kwalu’s Sasarri Theater chair was designed with the resident’s height, weight, and proportions in mind. It has a storable ottoman in the base. The Sassari Theater – Motorized chair, which features options like wheels for easy moveability, a tablet, and a connection grommet.

2. Easy and comfortable theater chairs

Theater seating in senior living should be comfortable and easily assessable. Kwalu’s Trentino Theater chair more than fills the bill. The foundation of this comfortable chair is the non-removable seat cushion with a fixed spring design. It is easily moved as well thanks to a stainless-steel back hand grip and back casters.

3. The Calabria Collection – like a recliner, only better

Recliners are for resting, theater chairs are for activity set at a comfortable level in senior living. Kwalu’s Calabria Theater chairs are a combination of the two. There are two chairs in this collection. A motorized version and the Calabria Theater with Ottoman. This theater chair does not fully recline and for the senior’s neck and back that is a good thing. With its ability to recline slightly and raise the footrest, the user’s neck and back are supported. When viewing television, there is less stress on the neck with minimal head tilt as opposed to a full recline. In the non-motorized version of the Calabria, an optional free-standing ottoman is available.

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