Kwalu’s Top Three Healthcare Recliners

Medical research shows patients recover quicker from conditions that put them in the hospital, acute care, or rehabilitation center when they can get out of the bed and move to an adjustable recliner chair. Being able to sit up and recline increases circulation and relieves stress. Recliners with bleach cleanable surfaces add another level of comfort and care. Kwalu has many healthcare recliners which provide comfort for those recovering from illness or surgery. Below are 3 of our best healthcare recliners fit for your unique needs.

1. Best Motorized Healthcare Recliners

It is important to sit up as soon as possible after surgery or other medical procedures and the best way to do that is in a motorized recliner. A push of the 2-button control on either the Carrara Sleepover Recliner Motorized or the Valentia Motorized Recliner will move the patient effortlessly into multiple positions. Both are equipped with power cords, but the Carrara Sleepover is functional with or without a rechargeable battery. Valentia Motorized Recliner is comfortable, durable, and cleanable medical recliner chair with wheels, and is available with lockable and non-locking casters or Kwalu classic material legs.

2. Best Medical Treatment Recliner

Medical treatment recliners are used for patients receiving intravenous medication or undergoing testing procedure. These recliners serve several purposes but the main one is to provide comfortable seating for the user during sometimes stressful procedures. Kwalu’s Acute Momentum Trendelenburg recliner offers an easy to grasp handgrip for safety. In its fully reclined position, the Trendelenburg mechanism can be activated when a latch at the base is engaged by medical staff. The Motorized version has options like an IV rod, a push bar, a side folding table and a side folding arm for easy patient transfer in and out of the recliner.

3. Best Bariatric Recliner

Kwalu has an unprecedented selection of bariatric seating and the Bariatric version of the Carrara Recliner class is designed to the highest standard of Kwalu engineering. This recliner provides strength and safety for the user, an ideal seating option in the patient’s room. This recliner is rated to 500 lbs weight capacity and features independent footrest and back recline. It has the capability of locking in multiple positions from upright to fully recline. Of course, with Kwalu’s innovative and proprietary finish, the Carrara Bariatric Recliner is easily cleaned and maintained.

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