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A design driver for a modern senior living lifestyle that includes Seniors that are living longer more active lives include areas of a community that take into consideration some of the following. Some still enjoy craft activities, which were popular in the past, but most are going out to dinner and a movie, taking to the outdoors for light gardening or staying fit by taking short walks or an exercise class. A more active senior requires more options in Senior Living design and Senior Living furniture. Senior Living furniture today should be functional, comfortable and homelike while also being geared toward yoga/Pilates classes, fitness centers, wellness center, libraries, theaters and business centers. In 2017, there is no limit to what each senior living neighborhood can dream of and Kwalu is making those dreams a reality.

Senior Living Furniture Designed with Home Comforts in Mind

Residents want to live in a modern senior living environment that makes them comfortable and feel they are living in dignity. Consider both functional layouts and products, while choosing senior living interior design that is stylish and transitional in style, finishes and fabrics. Example: Move away from rockers or recliners lining the hallway to an inviting common area that looks more like someone’s living room or a hotel lounge.

Use Senior Living Furniture that is Ergonomically Designed

Believe it or not modern Senior Living design for furniture can be both stylish and serve the needs of older residents. Make sure to select senior living furniture with some of the following features:

• Weight should be balanced correctly to prevent tipping, but not too heavy to move
• Designed to help residents get in and out of chairs independently
• Uses materials and construction that make it easier for staff to clean spills and crumbs
• Uses hand grips to help reposition a resident when at the table
• Built with durable materials to prevent dings and scuffs from wheelchairs and walkers

Senior living interior design that takes into account furniture that follows this plan will both maintain the integrity of the furniture and also give a great first impression when family members of potential residents are touring the community.

Multi-Purpose By Design

The term “multi-purpose” in assisted living decorating ideas is used a lot in assisted living interior design with good reason. The harder a piece of furniture can work the higher the level of satisfaction for the user and the more bang for your buck if you are a community owner. Kwalu furniture is designed to last. That’s not just a tag line; it’s the truth about the way our senior living furniture is made. The frames of the chairs are built with reinforced steel in the joints, the polymer that looks like wood isn’t, making it easier to maintain and it is guaranteed to look like new for at least 10 years. The same chair used for dining can also be used for game night, afternoon movies or a quick resident meeting.

The Senior Living Social Bench

When researching Senior Living design, inside or out, there is nothing better than a bench. People can sit together and enjoy the outdoors. Seniors are encouraged to leave their rooms when benches are placed in hallways providing welcome rest stops to dining or other common areas. Kwalu offers stunning bench seating for every taste with and without backs.

Another modern assisted living decorating idea is the stately and contemporary Antillo Bench, with its classic legs and wingback style sides, delivers a touch of modern glamour to any space. Available in four widths, the crisscrossed under frame and piping are standard design features that denote high style.

The Tindari Bench is available with or without a back for maximum versatility. From the double cushions, arms and a high full upholstered back to the attached bolstered pillows, the comfort level of this bench is all encompassing.

Senior Living design ideas such as furniture benches are not confined to inside. The Arezzo Bench with or without a seat cushion is perfectly placed along walking paths for places to pause, on patios, decks, lanais and sunrooms.

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