Modern Library Design Solutions for Now and Beyond

School libraries have evolved and so has the furniture in them. No longer are simple chairs and tables institutionally set up adjacent to stacks and stacks of books the rule of university library design. Library design trends expect increased technological usage from Gen Z students, so highly interactive and collaborative Information Commons are becoming a necessity.Additionally, functional Learning Commons should still be a design priority for students who desire quiet study spaces.

Independent study ideas for the university library

Fluid and flexible spaces in modern day university libraries consciously include all that students need and desire to productively engage and learn. Independent study areas should include comfortable lounge chairs that encourage students to study in a relaxed setting. Kwalu’s Emareseand Potenza collections are modern lounge chairs with elevated seat cushions for long lasting comfort. The base of these chairs is made of Kwalu Classic material, guaranteed to look like new for a decade.

Learning environments, even in the school library, are made up of multiple zones and support collaborative online as well as in person activities. Having stools, like Kwalu’s Madrid collection at work tables, like the Lecco, with its power and USB module, create a collaborative work space. Smaller work environments with lounge seating and occasional tables can share the samelibrary space, well defined by their type. 

Design ideas for the modern university library

The school library is no longer a stuffy place filled with books. It is another collaborative learning location on campus. In addition to comfortable lounge seating, occasional tables, stools and worktables, the modern library makes use of bench seating, like Kwalu’s Palma Bench, ottomans, and specialty tables. These furniture options are unique in that they can be moved and placed in different configurations that support learning and the exchange of ideas.

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