Case Study: Quality Choices Produce Luxurious Solutions


“Kwalu is my first choice. I think it should be used everywhere!”

ABCM Corporation’s Challenges:

  • To upgrade and design away from a traditional and institutional look

  • To find furniture that promotes a “person centered approach”

  • To utilize quality durable products that are easy to clean

Kwalu’s Solutions:

  • Durable, ergonomically responsible and attractive Designed to Last® furniture for varied environments and styles
  • Quality products delivered on time
  • A proactive and attentive customer service team eager to solve problems

ABCM Corporation opened the doors to its first care center April 1963. Over 50 years later they proudly support 31 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers and 24 independent and assisted living communities. The first location for ABCM is the Rehabilitation Center of Hampton. Kwalu was part of the revitalization of this community. Kathy Meyer-Allbee is the Administrator there. “I use Kwalu products throughout my community and throughout our corporation without hesitation”, she proclaims! “Quality durable products that are easy to clean make a comfortable, homey environment for our residents and their families.”

Ask the residents at any of the ABCM properties and they will tell you they feel comfortable, at home and well cared for. At ABCM, management and staff practice the “person centered approach” in care and in the look and feel throughout their communities.



ABCM CEO Richard Allbee has witnessed the evolution of Kwalu’s product line over the years and he likes what he sees. It’s part of what makes him a repeat Kwalu customer. The communities in the ABCM family are unique in style so the furniture used must be a seamless fit. Allbee says, “There is much appreciation for the individual character that each one of our homes emanates, so we don’t place a lot of emphasis on making them look alike – where you will find commonality, however, is in the fine quality (Kwalu) products and materials we specify for use within them”.

Customer service is an important factor when it comes to selecting furniture for the ABCM communities. Timely responses to questions about products and effortless deliveries are big reasons why Meyer-Allbee says Kwalu is her first choice. “You ask and they answer providing you all that you need to make an informed decision about the investment you are making in a product”.



Kwalu is also the first choice for Corporate Interior Designer, Massina Bloemke. Nothing gets by the discerning eye of this talented, exuberant designer. It seems, the larger the project the more inspired she becomes. She has chosen Kwalu in her designs for over a decade,the most recent being the skilled nursing community, Rehabilitation Center of Lisbon. There she chose a number of Kwalu lounge tables and chairs for the many common areas, in addition to designing custom built-in cabinetry. In all dining rooms, large and small, she used the Adelfia, Bellariva and Caterina dining chairs in colorful fabrics and warm finishes. “Kwalu furnishings stand the test of time. They are durable, ergonomically responsible and attractive.” Bloemke also created comfortable resident rooms using Tempe headboards, footboards, wardrobes, bedside cabinets and Ravello Pull-Out Sleepovers. “What I find most impressive about Kwalu, she explains, is their product lines are ever evolving; they never stop asking their clients ‘how can we make this product better’.”



Bloemke and Meyer-Allbee agree the easy cleanability of Kwalu furniture is as important to the staff as it is to the residents. At the Hampton community, for example, Meyer-Allbee says the housekeeping department gets excited about the small details. “No water rings are left on the tops of bedside tables! Any spills are easily wiped up.This Administrator appreciates that her maintenance staff is happy AND efficient!”

Company Profile

ABCM Corporation operates a number of rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, and independent and assisted living communities throughout the state of Iowa. We have built our corporate foundation on the unique philosophy of Person Directed Care, striving to provide the individuals who live in our communities and their families, choices and input in their health care, activities, meals, and the overall direction of their lives. The company motto: Enhancing Relationships

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