Smart Education Furniture Supports the Way Back

It is Fall and as some colleges and universities continue to work hard to re-open or remain open, finding the best way back to higher education is top of mind for students, their parents, and staff. Trying to get college students to remain socially distanced, wear masks, and even wash hands religiously is a herculean feat. The purpose of college is, after all, learning in a social setting. Perhaps the setting itself needs a retool. Its reported that 40-thousand students, faculty, and staff have contracted the virus already. Creating spaces with bleach cleanable furniture, cleaned often can help mitigate the spread.

Taking a cue from the sports world, some schools are creating pandemic or social pods or bubbles. These spaces limit how many can gather. Yes, the furniture in these collaborative spaces must be able to withstand a high level of cleaning, with bleach preferably. The question is what kind of furniture lends itself to small group study and socialization? Easily movable furniture is ideal to follow social distance guidelines. Seating that creates semiprivate space should also be considered.

Safety and security are what colleges and universities are thinking about. That may mean smaller more focused groups and stricter cleaning measures in resident halls, dining areas and other common areas should be designed with furniture that keeps in mind the frequency of touch. The smart way furniture in education can support the way back and the way to remain open on campus is if it is bleach cleanable and comfortable.

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