Social Distancing in Hospital Design

COVID cases continue to rise and we are now in the middle of the cold and flu season. People need check-ups and treatments at the hospital and at doctors’ offices. Every day the need for healthcare design that includes social distance features grows. Now more than ever before, thoughtful hospital design must consider social distancing. Healthcare furniture manufacturers, like Kwalu, are providing solutions beginning with products that are made of solid surfaces and therefore much easier to clean and maintain.

1. Spacing establishes social distance in healthcare design

The current pandemic has created heightened awareness about surroundings, specifically the distance of those seated to the left of, right of and behind you. Seating and tables in the doctor office, just like people in a grocery store line, need to be spaced feet apart. Kwalu’s ideal furniture solution to spacing is the linking table. Corner or center linking tables establish stationary space between chairs – as seen here with two Modena Guest chairs.

2. Design seating arrangements to allow for social distancing in healthcare settings

Understandably, patients have concerns about going to the hospital and doctor’s office. Medical facilities are aware of this and have guidelines in place to help keep patients safe. Surfaces are actively disinfected and cleaned between patients and multiple times throughout the day. Waiting areas and exam rooms are being reconfigured to expand the space between chairs so that everyone can remain feet apart and practice social distancing. In addition to spacing the design, furniture, like Kwalu’s healthcare products, made of solid surface materials that can be bleach cleaned and disinfected frequently is preferred.

3. Flexible healthcare furniture design and cleanbility create peace of mind

A mix of guest, bariatric and lounge seating in a medical reception or lobby are visually interesting and show that you have the patient’s comfort and care top of mind. Kwalu’s Modena and Valdina Flex seating offer back and seat cushions that are field replaceable to keep waiting rooms fresh. Seating with optional plexiglass back panels provide another level of assurance in waiting spaces. Tables with solid surface tops and seating designed with solid surface frames produce clean waiting spaces daily.

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