Case Study: Superlative Independent Living Design

“ I love the way Kwalu looks and presents itself and I love the depth of styles available…”.

Richview Manor's Challenges:

  • To find inspired, high-quality independent living furniture that is both durable and luxurious
  • To implement furniture that saves operations and maintenance staff time
  • To partner with a company capable of customizing furniture in a specific style for an opulent space

Kwalu's Solutions:

Kwalu's exacting standards for senior living interior design were the perfect match for a company that believes in excellence as a watchword.

  • Designed to Last® independent living furniture that offers unparalleled style and comfort
  • Low maintenance products backed by our 10-year performance-based warranty on construction and finish
  • Design and customer support teams committed to responding quickly to meet and exceed expectations

Simply stated, Richview Manor is elegant living, where the experience is more 5-diamond resort than senior living environment. This is the vision of Joseph Gulizia, President and CEO of UniversalCareRichview Manor, in Maple, Ontario, the flagship location, is an all-inclusive community that provides upscale independent and assisted living accommodation, with all inclusive amenities e.g. classic fine dining in grand dining rooms and the world-class Blüwater spa, all luxuriously set in marble, onyx and chandeliered surroundings. 

What we purchase must … save the staff time, fit our luxurious brand and be extremely comfortable… So we told our designer we were going to use Kwalu.

Luxury brand with high standards

Gulizia has been involved in managing long term care and retirement communities for more than a decade. For him, Kwalu is the perfect fit for Richview Manor, with independent living designs that produce stable, reliable and resident-centered furniture.  Gulizia says, “Richview is like a boutique hotel for the retirement setting. We put serious thought and consideration into everything we buy. What we purchase must fit a certain criteria: it must save the staff time, fit our luxurious brand and be extremely comfortable for the residents. So we told our designer we were going to use Kwalu.”

Durability and style

“I love the product,” he says “I bought chairs for many years in many locations; this is the first time I bought Kwalu tables. I chose them because the design is more fitting with the environment. I knew I was going to go with Kwalu because of my previous experiences with its reliability and style.”

Kwalu’s staying power is hard to beat. “ Kwalu’s longevity and design made it the perfect choice for seating in their world-class spa area. “Wood products are not conducive to the high level of moisture nor do they prove safe long-term,” said Gulizia.

Wood deteriorates. Kwalu maintains its elegance.

Linda Long, Director of Redevelopment and Environmental Services for UniversalCare, has been an advocate for Kwalu since 1998, placing the product in 18 communities. Mobility aids are a fact of life in senior living environments, so furniture legs take get scuffed and marred. “Wood looks great but deteriorates and requires a great deal of maintenance. Kwalu always looks fresh. I am always super impressed with the product.” Linda states that in the past, “I’ve had to put my foot down, telling the remodelers, emphatically, you can replace everything, but you are not touching the Kwalu chairs!” Her reasoning is simple, “Kwalu stands up to a lot of abuse and maintains its ability to be elegant and sturdy.”

Custom modifications

Richview took advantage of Kwalu’s renowned ability to customize and modified the Regal collection of durable dining chairs and dining tables. To emphasize the feel of an upscale, city centre hotel, Gulizia placed sophisticated Sienna barstools in the luxurious lobby lounge because “the bar stools are comfortable and chic.” 

Instant connections, long-term relationships.

A few samples were sent a year prior to the purchase and were used in the sales centreGulizia says there was an instant connection with potential clients and the product received great reactions. Both residents and staff appreciate Kwalu seating. Relationships are key for Gulizia. “Kwalu provided exceptional customer service and we will be looking to Kwalu for furniture in our forthcoming luxury long term care and retirement home communities.”

Company Profile

Richview Manor is an enriched retirement living complex offering over 137 suites for seniors that provides both independent and assisted living accommodation. Located at Eagles Nest Golf Club, perched above the 3rd hole, Richview goes the extra mile in everything that they do, providing exceptional care and services to their residents, staff and partners. 


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