Top Five Dining Chairs for Senior Living

Senior Living dining experiences are many and varied today. Communities are looking to give seniors choices in what they eat and how they eat. Dining in senior living is a social event for many of the residents. The seating designs in senior living communities should keep pace with the changing dining environments. At Kwalu, the dining chairs and stools do. Here are the top dining chairs and stools for assisted living communities.

1. Vercelli

Seniors desire and appreciate elegant design. Chairs with a higher back are elegant and give a nod to a wingback lounge chair. The sleek Vercelli dining chair by Kwalu is gorgeous andthoughtfully designed for comfortable high end senior living dining chairs. The arms end in a slope at just the right location to naturally follow the bend in the wrist.

2. Arpino Café

For active seniors, café dining is a trend that continues to gain in popularity. The best feature of Kwalu’s Arpino Café is its design. The chair utilizes the coveted, easily cleaned, and multiple award-winning Kwalu Classic material on the arms, legs, back, and base. It is appreciated by the user but also the staff as maintenance is a breeze.

3. Levanzo Dining

The Levanzo by Kwalu is a great design. This is a versatile and comfortable chair. It is available with the show frame back or a handgrip at the top of the back to easily move the chair from the dining table to a game table or a lecture space. This is a flexible dining chair for many senior carespaces.

4. Novara Bar and Counter Stools

Senior living communities are making use of convertible dining locations that function from morning till night. This is a space that may serve as a coffee bar in the morning, turn into a grab and go snack space throughout the day and become a pub in the evening where residents can enjoy a drink and conversation with friends. These convertible spaces are what make Kwalu’sNovara stools one of the top dining chairs for senior living.

5. Adelfia Dining

Senior living dining rooms are available for residents who enjoy a more formal setting to have their meals. Kwalu’s Adelfia, with its show frame back is a great seating option for the larger setting. And when the room is being cleaned or if it is used as a multi-purpose space Adelfia has a stacking model.

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