Top Senior Living Furniture Trends

Image4_2016FurnTrendsAs the average age of residents continues to rise, so do their acuity levels.  This will bring a greater need for furniture that is designed for safety, but also comfort.  Comfort is not just tactile, but it’s also how the design aesthetic makes you feel and its ease of use.

Below are senior living furniture trends and recommendations for 2016:

1. Create a Transitional Foundation

The current movement is to focus on transitional styling as a backbone of the design, but then add hospitality elements or a homelike design to match the mood you are trying to achieve. Some residents want to feel like they are at a resort or on vacation, while others want the comforts of home.



2. Focus on Common AreasImage1_2016FurnTrends

  • First impressions are key –  A quick update to the common area of an existing community provides the most bang for the buck because it’s the heart of any tour for potential clients, satisfaction of existing ones
  • Place elements in close proximity to foster social interaction
  • Storage – Improvements include ease of use as well as reducing clutter. Look to add additional media consoles and game storage. Also consider hospitality stations or buffets in dining areas, juice bars, coffee shops etc.

3. Add a Touch of Glam

Overall finishes will include more accents such as nailhead trim that adds sparkle without overwhelming overall design.

4. Replace Kitchenette and Bar Cabinetry

Provide an instant face lift for existing communities by replacing the doors on cabinetry (assuming the furniture is structurally sound). Look for visually interesting hardware, inlays, custom design overlays, etc.


5. Increase Use of Modular Furniture

Especially in skilled nursing and short term rehab resident rooms, multipurpose furniture will be utilized more and more. Why?

– Provides a variety of functions while maximizing floor space

– Acts as stylish room dividers, preserving resident privacy without blocking access to natural light

6. Incorporate Custom Millwork

There is an upward trend utilizing modular built-in millwork to create display shelves, book cases etc. While there are obvious functional benefits, this can also create visual interest in common areas.


7. Create a Custom Look

Make a statement with tailored styling, finishes or even dimensions to set your community apart from the rest.

8. Add Sophisticated Game Room FurnitureImage3_2016FurnTrends

The days of metal stackers are gone. Add a level of sophistication with the look of a gentleman’s club or sleek upscale lounge. Mix it up with different styles, combining lounge chairs with accent chairs and stylish occasional and game tables to complete the space.

9. Utilize Multiple Fabric Zones on Same Chair

Create visually stunning looks by adding layers of texture or patterns to the design.






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