Trends in Healthcare Design for the New Year

While life-threatening conditions dictate hospital choice based on proximity, patients and their families base their decision about which hospital they choose to go to on several things. A hospital’s reputation for safety and best care rank at the top of the list. A hospital and off-site medical facilities’ reputations are tied to impressions. Follow the healthcare 2023 furniture trends to create positive impressions that bring calm to visitors and instill confidence in your level of care.

Concentrate on clean and cleanable design

Healthcare furniture that improves the patient experience begins with healthcare chemical cleanable surfaces. The more people that get infections from surfaces and need treatment, the quicker we become antibiotic resistant. Since scientists have predicted that by 2050, the US will be in a post-antibiotic world, hospitals are hard at work balancing attractive design with cleanability.

Family friendly spaces

Give special consideration to children and their families when designing hospital lobbies and pediatrician reception areas. All will benefit from healthcare furniture that is easily cleaned. Create colorful areas that are welcoming to the youngsters, with a few easily cleanable activities. Included in the furniture here should be larger lounge chairs or love seats where a parent and small child can sit together, like the Pisa Lounge collection from Kwalu.

Patient rooms inspired by hospitality-like designs

The patient room design of the new year is a stylish place that promotes healing and wellness. Artwork, windows filed with light and updated fabrics all combine to create a healing environment for the patient. Family members can remain connected and continue to work on a very functional and comfortable sleeper sofa while in the room with the patient.

Consider adding design for wellbeing in outdoor spaces

Studies show nature brightens spirits and encourages wellbeing. Hospitals are designing spaces to accommodate patients who can go outdoors, and patients who are recuperating can relax on clean, durable healthcare furniture provided by Kwalu. View our healthcare inspired patio furniture. Remember therapies are at work outside the hospital that touch the minds and the spirits of patients.

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