What to Consider When Choosing Behavioral Health Furniture

Residential behavioral healthcare centers are in place to help with a wide range of treatments for those in need. At these behavioral locations, safety and care are the most important objectives. The environment, however, serves as powerful mental and physical support at each type of behavioral healthcare location. Kwalu’s behavioral health products focus on the safety required for patients, residents, and staff.

Substance abuse and group home designed environments

As residents work to build and rebuild solid foundations to support their long-term recoveries, its significant to note behavioral healthcare design is critical to the care of patients. Furniture in resident rooms should not support the habits the patients are trying to break. In fact, the furniture should act as a deterrent to those behaviors. Kwalu behavioral healthcare furniture in alcohol and drug recovery facilities feature softly rounded edges on the corners of desks and bedside cabinets, non-removable drawers, and slanted tops for case goods.

Furniture that creates calming behavioral environments

In addition to making sure behavioral furniture is comfortable and safe, other concerns for this market are focused on design, with floor patterns, paint choices, and lighting all playing significant roles in promoting a positive and healthy environment. Kwalu’s furniture design for behavioral health, like the Livorno Behavioral Collection features additional aluminum/steel-reinforcement, tamper-proof screws and chairs that can be bolted to the floor.

Furniture designed for behavioral healthcare spaces

While many can and do control the varied mental health behaviors that exist, others require professional help in psychiatric hospitals, psychiatric units in the general hospital environment, alcohol and addiction treatment facilities, behavioral health clinics and emergency departments (EDs) with psychiatric specialties. Kwalu behavioral healthcare designs are built to psychiatric use specifications; durable and tamper-proof. In addition, Kwalu’s proprietary, pick-proof finishes are easily cleaned and maintained. For more info, check out Kwalu® Behavioral Health Furniture for Mental Health Hospitals.

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