Inspiring Design for the Future of Education

For the nation’s colleges and universities learning in the social setting, which is at the foundation of higher education, is proving to be challenging in the time of COVID. It is a new year, and the availability of vaccines is on the rise, but colleges and universities also continue to show an increase in cases. … Continued

Kwalu Comfortable Senior Living Furniture for Long Awaited Reunions

Independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing communities are poised to welcome the families of residents who have been locked down for a year. The management and staff of senior living communities, thankful for COVID vaccines, are ready to put their reopening plans in place. There are still challenges but there is one thing for … Continued

Furniture that Functions in the 24-7 Healthcare Environment

Hospitals are large facilities in constant evolution, so their interiors must be able to blend with the times and to deal with change in small increments. Unlike hotel or retail environments, a partial closure to allow one new look to be implemented is never an option, and the true 24 hour/7 days a week/365 day … Continued

Kwalu Furnishing the Future™

When COVID struck unexpectedly last year, many employees and companies struggled to maintain their identities, work cultures and company morale. As people began working from home, establishing routines in a chaotic world, it begged the question, “What is going to happen in the future?” A new year brings new hope and for Kwalu, our ultimate … Continued

Healthcare Design for What Could Be an Endemic

As the coronavirus mutates in tandem with the slow vaccine rollout, those in the healthcare community are becoming resigned to the possibility that this disease may be with us for a very long time. As with other illnesses we get inoculations for, COVID could become the new flu or measles endemic we learn to live … Continued

Top Three Fresh Healthcare Design Trends for a New Year

Waiting rooms of today are no longer filled with rows of chairs pressed together arm to arm and back-to-back and it is doubtful you will see that design in the waiting room of the future. Significant spacing is a trend that is being incorporated into the design of waiting spaces and throughout medical centers. Furniture that is thoughtfully placed to provide the right amount of spacing for social distancing and to create better traffic flow will help keep patients and visitors separated and comfortable.

Collaborative Learning Education Furniture Design

Students have been very flexible this year. COVID has forced them to move to college campuses, only to move back home again following outbreaks. To say that it has been a struggle is an understatement. But schools are going to come back and when they do, students will be eager to learn and share on … Continued

Kwalu’s Top Three Healthcare Recliners

Medical research shows patients recover quicker from conditions that put them in the hospital, acute care, or rehabilitation center when they can get out of the bed and move to an adjustable recliner chair. Being able to sit up and recline increases circulation and relieves stress. Recliners with bleach cleanable surfaces add another level of … Continued

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