About Kwalu

Over 30 years of business experience has done little to dim our entrepreneurial spirit or our passion for innovation. It’s who we are and what we do.

Our commitment is to provide inspired, high-quality furnishing solutions and offer impeccable service standards through our personalized attention to detail. It is this drive to tailor proactive, quick responses to our customers’ needs that has ensured that our family-owned business is a leading furniture provider to senior living and healthcare markets.

We strive to ensure that our customers’ faith in us is well-placed. Our focus on design and enduring beauty has made us a true partner in creating a warm environment where resident / patient, caregiver and staff needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Based in North America, our broad manufacturing capabilities give us the flexibility to easily handle both small projects and those with extremely large scope. But our real strength lies in our ability to do anything. Hence the motto.

We take our role as corporate citizens seriously and have ensured that philanthropy and environmental stewardship are amongst the company’s essential cornerstones. We support a diverse group of charities, both within the healthcare industry and in the world at large. From generation to generation – we’re doing everything we can to conserve natural resources and harness our ingenuity to guarantee a better tomorrow.

We stand by our products, our people and our commitment to our customers. You have our word we’ll do what needs to get done. But miracles may take a little longer.

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The impossible will be done immediately. Miracles may take a little longer.

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