10 Year Performance Warranty | Not All Warranties Are Created Equal

It’s unbelievable really. A warranty program that effectively addresses customer needs and conquers uncharted territory, providing a 10-year performance warranty on construction, antimicrobial product protection AND finish – that’s Kwalu for you. Unprecedented, precision engineering and extraordinary design, backed by our industry-leading warranty. More recently, we have seen several competitors start to offer “10-year” or “Lifetime” warranties. But what they cover is debatable. Do they cover you if the product fails? What is a manufacturer’s defect warranty? To make the comparison easier for you, we have prepared a summary below.

Length of Warranty

“How long does this warranty last?”
Through technology and innovation, Kwalu is able to offer a warranty for a longer period of time than most – 10 years.Most other companies claim a “lifetime warranty”, and then force you to wade through the fine print to discover how long that actually is! Others range between 1 and 10 years.
Performance Warranty

“If my chair frame breaks after 9 years, then will the item be covered under warranty?
Yes. If the chair frame fails at any time, based on normal usage during the 10 year period, then you are covered under the warranty. Unlike many competitors, just because you used the product does not mean the warranty does not apply!No. Most companies only cover defects created in the manufacturing process of the product. They specifically do not cover situations where a product fails due to normal wear and tear.
Durable Finish Under Warranty

“Are the protective finishes included in the warranty?”
Yes. Kwalu is able to warrant the finish of its products as it is made from a high-impact resistant material which does not chip, mar or dent. So the products look like new, year after year.No. Most companies make chairs with a wood frame which is a soft material by comparison and is susceptible to chipping, marring and denting.
Repairs Under the Warranty

“Can the finish be repaired rather than replaced in case of an incident?”
Yes. Kwalu products continue to look like new as the proprietary formula used is extremely durable, does not rely on topical coatings/ lacquers and minor damage, such as scuffs, can be easily repaired while the product remains in service.No. Wood chairs often have topical coatings/ lacquers applied which are easily damaged and wear away over time. Scratches cannot be easily removed without sanding and then re-applying both the varnish and topical coating/ lacquer – all of which requires the chair to be taken out of service.
Full, Not Pro-Rated Warranty

“Will I receive a new item, even if I have a claim 9 years into the warranty?”
Yes. The warranty is not pro-rated which means that you receive a brand new replacement product at any time during the 10 year period.No. Most companies offer a pro-rated warranty which means that your warranty claim is limited in value by the length of time the product has been in use.
Antimicrobial Protection

“Can the finish be repaired rather than replaced in case of an incident?”
Yes. Antimicrobial product protection on Kwalu material permeates the entire product and is warranted for 10 years.No. The antimicrobial agent on wood products is a topical coating and wears off after harsh cleanings.

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