Furnishing for Senior Living Communities in 2023

The senior living community continues to show its strength and resilience. Following years of solitude and isolation and now armed with the tools to not only survive but thrive, seniors are ready to entertain and be social again.  In 2023 they are looking for clean spaces with stunning furniture that reflects their style. Seniors can rest assured that communities are responding with a higher level of care, improved entertainment options and making sure cleaning processes in shared spaces are more efficient.

Social areas that support connect ability, comfort, and high style

Seniors are eager to establish new friendships and maintain existing relationships. This is good news for senior living communities who should see an uptick in new residents. There are so many benefits to living in senior communities, but the number one benefit is togetherness. Communities are making sure residents are active and connected by investing in Kwalu’s Game Room furniture and Theater experience.

Blend styles to keep the design interesting and elegant

Senior living furniture for 2023 is versatile. More and more senior communities are designing for younger and older seniors in their spaces. These ‘new’ age seniors are very style conscious and delight in setting trends. They are not conservative in their use and appreciation of colors, patterns and art. The dining room is making way for dining spaces that are varied now as seniors demand options and amenities. These spaces include cafés and private dining rooms with cozy seating, like Kwalu’s Miranda café in beautiful fabrics and the stylish Bolgheri table.

Outdoor spaces are the new go-to living spaces

Seniors appreciate areas to walk their dogs but they also like lounging by the pool or a barbeque. Green spaces continue not be a trend in senior living because fresh air is life. For seniors who enjoy gardening, consider adding several Kwalu Vivaio Potting Benches and Planting tables, which come in standard and wheelchair heights. Comfortable Arezzo lounge chairs and solid surfaced occasional tables placed in small groups will create inviting social settings.

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