Case Study: A Community Hospital’s Rebranding


“I haven’t found anything superior to Kwalu.” 

Tift Regional Medical Center's Challenges:

  • To create functional and aesthetically appealing waiting areas

  • To find patient room and medical waiting room furniture that is easily and quickly cleaned

  • To find furniture designed for infection prevention and control

Kwalu's Solutions:

Kwalu collaborated with Tift RMC to create practical, yet beautiful, homelike solutions to their cleaning dilemmas.

  • Furniture with a 10 year warranty. Furnished to Last®
  • Attractive, stylish medical waiting room furniture that requires little maintenance
  • Non-porous, water-resistant materials can withstand the harshest cleaning protocols

Tift Regional is a general medical and surgical hospital in Tifton, GA, serving the south central part of the state. This not-for-profit hospital has a reputation as an innovative provider of quality care, offering signature services in surgery, oncology, cardiovascular care, neurology, women’s health, radiology and much more.
At almost 50 years old, Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC) was beginning to show its age. The bustling waiting areas and lobbies of TRMC offered limited space for visitors to sit and what seating existed was worn and in need of repair. First impressions may impact patients’ perceptions of the quality of care, so Tift decision-makers approached the public spaces renovation hoping to match the look to their extraordinary level of care. Ralph Perez, Director of Support Services
at Tift, was determined to have Kwalu at his hospital to, as he put it “help re-set the brand”.

Kwalu products support better infection control than wood products because of the non-porous material.


Infection prevention is critical

High-touch areas in waiting rooms are often responsible for the cross-transmission of pathogens that can cause infection. Perez knows hospital and medical waiting room furniture needs to  withstand a constant flow of patients and visitors and stand up to an endless barrage of cleaning with harsh disinfectants. According to Perez, “Kwalu products support better infection prevention than wood products because of the non-porous material.” Kwalu seating frames are inherently moisture-impervious, and contain minimal seams support ease of cleaning. In addition, Kwalu surfaces are bleach-cleanable.

Home-like aesthetic contributes to inviting atmosphere

Says Perez, “The quality of design has always surpassed my expectations and Kwalu’s design team has moved to a more modern look. That’s exciting!” Tift is embracing décor that suggests a home-like aesthetic. Kwalu transitional products proved to be a perfect fit.

Furniture excellence on tight budgets

Tift was quick to recognize the resilience of Kwalu means that lean purchasing principles can be followed. Due to the extended life cycle of the tables and chairs and the fact that they can be repaired and maintained while in active service, no spares or factored-in excesses need to be accounted for.
“I haven’t found anything superior to Kwalu”, says Perez, “everywhere I put the product it’s really taken off with patients and staff alike.”

Company Profile

Tift RMC philosophy: 

The philosophy of Tift Regional Medical Center is based on the belief that the primary and fundamental purpose of the hospital’s existence is to serve the health needs of the patient as well as those of the community.


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