Student Housing and Residence Hall Furniture

These days, college students expect more from a residence hall than just a place to sleep. They want a space that reflects their style of living and learning. Kwalu dorm lounge furniture is available in warm wood-like finishes and offers a wide variety of common area furniture geared specifically to lounge areas, game rooms or special nooks, with plush residence hall seating for a quiet study spot. Each piece of Kwalu student housing furniture is thoughtfully designed for the environment and clientele it serves. Although there are many options for student housing furniture companies, our residence hall furniture is made of high-impact resistant polymer with patented joint construction that is Designed to Last and backed by our unique 10-year warranty on construction and finish. Parents and incoming students consider common areas prized amenities, central to the quality of life on college campuses. First impressions of these areas can mean the difference in whether a student will accept or reject admission. Kwalu’s furniture for student housing always looks new, is resistant to dings and scuffs and is easily maintained with minimal effort.



Industry Leading Design

Kwalu educational furniture and designs are backed by our unique 10-year warranty on construction and finish.

Benefits of Kwalu’s Student Living Furniture Products

Furnished to Last
Solid Surface
Moisture Impervious
Easy to Clean
Maintenance-Free Finish
No Joint Failures
24/7 10 Year Performance Warranty
Sustainable Initiatives
Committed to Solutions That Work

Furnishing the Future®

Designed to be timelessly beautiful and withstand daily rigors, Kwalu’s proprietary solid surface material (1/8” thick) and inner steel frame construction are of unmatched durability. Wood’s warmth and elegance has been brilliantly re-imagined into Kwalu’s everlasting finish.

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