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As the rooms in a college’s Student Union Center are like large living rooms and meeting rooms, the student commons furniture here should be comfortable enough for relaxing, and durable enough for social events and recreation. Kwalu’s comfortable study lounge furniture features warm wood-like finishes and power options and is the ideal collaboration of style, design, and connectivity for these spaces. Students are doing much of their work outside of the classroom. Learning commons are active, comfortable, technology-oriented spaces where students can meet, learn, create and collaborate. Choosing between many different student center furniture manufacturers can be a tough task. Kwalu’s beautifully designed student union furniture made of high-impact resilient polymer with patented joint construction will enhance the quality of the learning experience in these areas. Kwalu’s student center seating, chairs and tables provide style that is Designed to Last and backed by our unique 10-year warranty on construction and finish.



Industry Leading Design

Kwalu educational furniture and designs are backed by our unique 10-year warranty on construction and finish.

Benefits of Kwalu’s Student Lounge Furniture Products

Furnished to Last
Solid Surface
Moisture Impervious
Easy to Clean
Maintenance-Free Finish
No Joint Failures
24/7 10 Year Performance Warranty
Sustainable Initiatives
Committed to Solutions That Work

Furnishing the Future®

Designed to be timelessly beautiful and withstand daily rigors, Kwalu’s proprietary solid surface material (1/8” thick) and inner steel frame construction are of unmatched durability. Wood’s warmth and elegance has been brilliantly re-imagined into Kwalu’s everlasting finish.

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