Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals, 2018

Are Kwalu, Metal and Wood Chairs All Easy to Clean?

Many challenges result from the vast selection of furniture choices that designers face when specifying projects and the cost associated with this investment.

The FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals, 2018 is the definitive guideline for the features of certain types of furniture attributes to help battle problems like HAIs.

How Kwalu Complies:

The arms on a typical guest chair are made from one piece of Kwalu material, are seamless and have no surface joints.

How Other Furniture Companies Attempt to Comply:

Wood chair manufacturers needed to add a non-porous material by way of polyurethane or solid surface arm caps.

Metal chair manufacturers chose to add arm caps as the surface of a metal arm is cold to the touch.

When these new materials were added, they created seams and surface joints.

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