Behavioral Health Chairs & Furniture

Designed for the unique needs of behavioral health units

Kwalu’s intimate understanding of the specific needs of behavioral health units has led us to develop unique furniture and behavioral healthcare seating collections engineered with the ultimate health and safety of your patients in mind.  Our behavioral healthcare chairs & furniture includes specialized features such as:
  • Additional aluminum/steel-reinforcement
  • Tamper-proof screws
  • Softly-rounded edges on all corners
  • Non-removable drawers and integrated finger pulls for casegoods


Furniture Built for Infection Control

Eliminating Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) requires increasingly stringent infection prevention protocols. Our specialty healthcare seating & furniture products do not have surface joints or seams and do not support microbial growth. Kwalu healthcare furniture can withstand the harshest cleaning regimens – including bleach. We offer optional antimicrobial product protection permeating the entire shell- not topical coatings- and it’s warranted for 10 years.

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Benefits of Kwalu Behavioral Health Furniture

Aids infection prevention

  • Non-porous material complements healthcare cleaning protocols
  • Minimal seams for ease of cleaning
  • Will not split, chip or swell

Made for behavioral health

  • Ergonomically designed for medical environments
  • Furniture and wall protection
  • Custom design to fit any dimensions
Chapel featuring Trava guest chairs, also available as bariatric seating. Furniture ideally suited to healthcare settings.

Designed to Last®

  • Finishes withstand years of harsh cleaning
  • Covered by unique 10-year warranty
  • Resistant to dings & scuffs
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