Kwalu LEED Credits



Materials & Resources Credit 2: LEED Construction Waste Management (Points 1 – 2)

Kwalu’s packaging can be recycled with other wastes onsite. Also, we offer the option of having our casegoods blanket wrapped

Materials & Resources Credit 4: LEED Recycled Content (Points 1 – 2)

Kwalu chairs are comprised of LEED recycled content and can contribute to the points earned for this credit

Materials & Resources Credit 5: Regional Materials (Points 1 – 2)

Projects within a 500 mile radius of Brownsville, TX can be considered to utilize these points

Materials & Resources Credit 6: LEED Rapidly Renewable Resources (Points 1)

A number of Kwalu’s renewable fabrics may contribute to this credit

Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 4.5: Kwalu Low Emitting Materials (Points 1)

Kwalu seating, tables and casegoods are SCS Indoor Air Advantage Gold certified, and so meet the requirements of Option C, which may contribute towards this credit


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