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In the case of an emergency, you don’t really have a choice in the decision about which hospital you go to. When the choice is up to you, what makes a hospital stand out as a favorite and what features make you turn and run? Everyone wants a hospital to provide top notched care and cure what ails you. That’s a given. The expertise of one hospital over another weighs large in a decision as well. But what else about a hospital moves it up in the selection process?

Updated hospital design

It’s safe to say if a location is updated and luxurious people will automatically want to go there. That is the way it is with hotels, resorts, and yes, hospitals. No one wants to sit in seats with stained upholstery, on chair frames that have wood chipped from wear while looking at walls with aging or, even worse, peeling paint. People decide the health of a place when the first impression is made.

Bright and colorful are signs of clean

Large windows in lobbies, receptions and patient rooms of hospitals not only let in light but create beautiful views. When sick people can focus on the outdoors and brightly colored fabrics on indoors it takes the focus off of their condition. When visitors can look around a brightly lit room and can see that its clean their thoughts go to a healthy environment and they then have hopes of positive outcomes for their loved ones.

Patient-Centered Technology

More hospitals are adapting technology to make for a better experience for patients and visitors. Medical staff are communicating more and more digitally, maintaining a patient’s medical records, tracking medications and tests. But hospitals are also keeping the social side of technology up to date as well. From the use of apps on overbed tablets in patient rooms to plug ins for power and data for devices to keep visitors connected, hospitals are working hard to stay on top of the tech world.

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