Memory Care Furniture

Designed for the unique needs of memory care unit residents

Designed for the unique needs of memory care unit residents

Our ergonomically-designed, elegant products focus on the special challenges of seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as their caregivers. Some features of our memory care furniture include:

  • Sturdy, stable seating products that facilitate ingress and egress
  • ‘Pick-proof’ rockers, gliders and motion chairs that can help calm residents and reduce wandering
  • Steel-reinforced joint construction to withstand constant, repetitive rocking
  • Hidden casegoods door latches and passive lock systems that allow caregivers exclusive access

Long lasting products mean consistent environments

Our products remain in continuous service, helping residents maintain orientation to their surroundings through constancy of furniture arrangement. Our furniture for memory care communities is backed by our unique 10-year warranty on construction and finish.



Benefits of Kwalu Memory Care Furniture

Kwalu's modern, curved arm presidio lounge chairs beautifully complement the Cortona end tables and plush Dovera lounge chairs and loveseats in this stylish senior living common area.

Made for Memory Care

  • Steel-reinforced joints withstand repetitive rocking
  • Proprietary Kwalu finish is “pick-proof”
  • Minimal upkeep to retain appeal
Sophisticated senior living dining room featuring Kwalu's elegant Bellariva dining chair with optional handgrip on the back for positioning residents at our dining tables.

Built to Aid Caregiving

  • Casegoods with hidden caregiver access
  • Stable furniture aids ingress/ egress
  • Gliders & rockers help calm residents

Designed to Last®

  • Resistant to dings & scuffs and easily repaired
  • Finishes withstand years of cleaning
  • Covered by unique 10-year warranty

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I’ve known about Kwalu furniture’s tremendous qualities for over a decade. Time proves its value.

Potential residents are overwhelmed by how beautiful the rooms are.

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