Kwalu Webinars

At Kwalu, we believe communication is critical when making choices that impact design, safety and, ultimately, the quality of life. Our live webinars aim to create a platform for an educational and solution-centered conversation. Our experts discuss a wide range of topics on furniture, finishes and the people effected by them in Senior Living, Healthcare and Education. We hope you will be encouraged to join our webinars and participate in the discussions.

Upcoming Webinar Events

Thursday, February 4 at 1:00pm
Senior Living Furniture: Better than 2020 Vision

The Kwalu Live Webinar Series will introduce Senior Living Furniture: Better Than 2020 Vision with Classic to Couture furniture solutions post-COVID.

These solutions will be focused on infection control protocols, cleanability and long-term durability. This webinar will explore why better surface selections play a role in reducing transmission of costly and dangerous pathogens. We will explore the importance of designs that strike a balance between style, sustainability and infection control. Evidence based data is included, along with Furniture Guidelines Institute (FGI) guidelines and EPA registered cleaning protocols. Ideally we will create a platform for an educational and solution-centered conversation. Please join us to create an illuminating and thought provoking conversation.

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