Our thoughts are with everyone during this unprecedented time. Kwalu is highly concerned about decreasing the risk of cross-transmission of dangerous pathogens.

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At Kwalu, we believe communication is critical when making choices that impact design, safety and, ultimately, the quality of life. Our live webinars aim to create a platform for an educational and solution-centered conversation. Our experts discuss a wide range of topics on furniture, finishes and the people effected by them in Senior Living, Healthcare and Education. We hope you will be encouraged to join our webinars and participate in the discussions.

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Tuesday, December 13 at 2:00pm
CO$Tequences of Failing Surfaces in Healthcare

This course will shed light on the creative versus the analytical approaches to healthcare surfaces. Materiality is extremely important. Materials that offer long-term cleanability and durability can lead to possible interruption of transmission of dangerous pathogens. We delve deep into the increasing Antibiotic Resistance in healthcare and the Urgent Threats that are the result, particularly C. diff. We will show that as each infection is a potential for a poor rating by patients, guest and staff, solid surfaces that can be cleaned with undiluted bleach and all healthcare cleaners are not only good for health but good for healthcare business. This course analyzes the pros and the cons of all healthcare surfaces and the financial consequences of making those choices.

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