Preferred Seating for Seniors

We sit more as we age and while our taste in the style of seating we occupy may remain the same, the type of seating has probably changed a bit to accommodate our changing bodies. Comfortable armchairs for seniors can help support areas of the body that are, by time or by illness, challenged by weakness. The good news is the armchairs of 2019 do not have to look like nursing home furniture. Today’s designs have added stylish chairs, ottomans, benches, recliners and stools to give seniors a wide variety of seating options.

Preferred Dining Room Chairs for Seniors

The height of the seat from the floor is very important in dining chairs for seniors. If the seat of the chair is too low, already weakened joints have to work harder to sit and get up from a seated position. Consider the depth of the seat. It has to support the full length of the thigh. Dining environments have changed over the years so dining chairs for seniors should include styles with and without arms, bariatric seating models, café seating, benches, bar and counter stools. Bistros are gaining ground in the senior living dining arena. Preferred by the active and more social residents, ease of use and comfort are the primary functions of the furniture here.

Preferred Lounge Chairs for Seniors

If you are looking to improve the comfort level in your senior living common areas, consider lounge collections. The collection will include a chair, loveseat and sofa in coordinating fabrics giving a complete look to the room. Lounge seating includes wingbacks, fully upholstered and deeply cushioned collections; all with arms set at the optimum height to support independent ingress and egress, all, extremely comfortable. Seniors prefer lounge cushioning that is comfortable and supportive so they are able to get up unassisted; a back at the proper pitch so they do not have to struggle to stay upright.

Some Things Never Change and Never Will in Senior Living Seating

Seniors and their guests are looking for the same properties in furniture they always have – durability, cleanability and high style. The furniture of the early 21st century is reminiscent of the look made popular in the middle of the last century. Senior-friendly furniture is resistant to the scuffmarks, scratches and daily bumps of walkers and wheelchairs. Preferred, comfortable seating for seniors should be easy to clean, maintain, and look like new, year after year.

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